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Alain Mrichard

Bwahaha! This one made me laugh.


Ai-yah! (Malaysia way of say ugh!) You misunderstood me in what I'm trying to say in the block quote. What I meant was if I just received something from a kit/sock club, which I don't add as a +1 and if I destash that in the first 2 weeks, then, I shouldn't count the -1. I never count the kits/sock club yarn anyway... however, if I kept this yarn for more than 2 weeks and later destashed it, then I count the -1.

My husband likes to play with words and really enjoyed your first paragraph and the watermelon socks although it didn't prompt him to ask me when I'm knitting him socks. He already has a pair!

Hey, I received my Hazel Knits just a week ago. Also, I paid $7.30 for 6 skeins from Wendee so it looks like your $7.30 (is that US$ of CAN$) is a deal for 7 skeins. Mine just got shipped today.

BUT, my BMFA 7 skeins arrived today. They smell so good and they are beautiful. Will take photos to post on my blog tomorrow because I think I have to add 9 to my math before the SG and HK arrive.

And one last thing. I no longer pull the skein from the center because by the time you work on the second sock, the cake just falls apart. I like to unwind from the outside. When you're done, you get a compact mini cake!


All of your yarny goodness looks wonderful. the self striping yarn looks like fun. Bummer about the skirt. I love HK yarn. The spice color just about glows to me.

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