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I love the Rainbow Trout yarn! It's fantastic.I may have to get some but when I went to her website, there are a lot of fantastic colors...Whooo choices!


OMG those light poles in the pics of the fog. They are awesome!!!

I seriously love the look of speckled yarn when someone else knits it. I don't know why I don't love it when I'm knitting it. Bizarre, I know.

Glad to hear my boyfriend is on the mend. :)


Love your dragonfruit socks.


Love the dragonfruit socks, actually all your new yarns.


Is there a reason I stayed away from your blog? I went to check out self striping yarn and I closed the window. Not shopping for sock yarn when I’m not knitting socks. Then, I checked out Prairie Bag Works. Whew, they didn’t have any fabric I must have. Closed window. And the first painting is of Manarola in Cinque Terre in Italy. I stayed at one of the houses on the cliff. It is a pink house with green shutters but the painted combined a few homes together. One of my fav places I’ve travelled to.

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