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I am so glad you're alive. I was actually beginning to be afraid.

2016 was a "mother" of a year for a lot of people and 2017 does seem to be just more of the same crap only multiplied ten fold. I for one am looking forward to 2020.

I bet there are more than 5 of us who read (stalk) your blog. ; - )


Hi there - I am still stalking you, don't worry! ;)
4 socks sounds good to me - I have ripped more than I have knit this year.
Keep up the good work - you're doing fine!


Glad you're back, Jennifer! Your peacock cowl turned out really nice. Thanks for the link to Abi's site, it's sooo colorful! Made me hungry, too.

The Other Jennifer

I'm still here too!


Oh goodness! I was afraid you'd gotten so disgusted with US politics that you'd given up on blogging. Work foo isn't any better though and probably personally worse. I have nothing on my needles at the moment either. I finished the Christmas knitting last month with a monstrous double knit scarf- which is really cool but it did me in for a while. Good luck with work. I'll be around when you have time to post.


Glad to see a post from you! I was just thinking about how all my favorite bloggers had gone silent.


Yay, I missed your blogging! Glad you found a few minutes to keep us all up to date on what's happening!

Also, what in the world made you think walking around on beads would end well?? I actually laughed out loud as I read that!


I’m catching up with your blogs. I finished my Hunter sock in August. A total of 3 socks in 2017. 8 shawls. I’m still a shawl kick. In the winter, I wear my hand knit socks everyday. Shawls maybe every other day so I really should knit more socks, right? But I’m thinking 2018 May be the year of the sweater.

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