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I love the happy socks and the happy yarn. Still not super green here so bright is good. Sorry about the abysmal papers.


Love your socks! And I loved my iphone camera too, until the last OS update. Now, I can't upload pictures!?#?$#&


Oh my word those stripes are so lovely :)
Can't you ship your papers to someone to have them marked and returned in 3 days? If they are really that bad, it won't matter if the person marking doesn't know anything about the subject...?
And now I am thinking about pottering over to Etsy for a UK self-striping vendor update in a couple of hours. All. Your. Fault. ;)


I want to start knitting vanilla socks (plain stockinette) with various of my mini skeins.. Is it hard to join the yarns when I switch colors? I bought too much yarn (HAHA - blog name!) last weekend.

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