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SQUEEE!!!! I love all of your socks and your new yarn acquisitions! I can't stop buying the Spectral Lines colorway. And that red sock is so insanely beautiful. Red is my favorite (almost tied with orange, I'd be hard-pressed to actually choose one or the other, if forced to do so), so I'm forever buying red yarn.

Love your pet pics, too. Is "Bastian" short for Sebastian? I had a cat that looks very similar named Sebastian. Good cat name.

Perhaps Winter was confused because some CHRISTMAS stuff is still on the lawn??? ;)


Oh, and the GOD FORSAKEN TWISTED STITCHES. This one gets me more often than it should for infinity scarves. So freakin' annoying.


What pattern are you using for your self striping socks? You have to start your Song of the Sea over again. I have that one in my que and would love to see yours knitted.


Oh my dear goodness gracious golly me - that YARN?!
And the red sock too.
Mmmm... the orange sparkley would make a gorgeous shawl...
And why haven't I started an Order Ex Chaos sock yet?
Now where was I... String Theory you say?

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