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Do you have any blue that is like the sandals on my blog? I managed to dig 2 skeins out that I have to check tomorrow in the daylight - HK Blueberry or Bugga Karner Blue. They're bot a bit darker than I want.


Are you in your purple period? Like Picasso had his rose and blue periods. Oriental rugs do wonders at hiding cat barf and then you suddenly step in it. Happans often over here. ;0)


Hmmm...mine barfs on my rug...makes it easier to see though, since the hardwood is barf coloured and the rug is bright blue/red/yellow oriental goodness.

P.S. Love your colours!

I was in a house cleaning frenzy today as well. Wrote an exam yesterday, then went out and celebrated, then got up at noon...cooked and cleaned and went for a walk...and worked on Woodsmoke :)

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